Youtubers Pubg Terkenal

Youtubers Pubg Terkenal If you’re like me, then you’re probably a fan of youtube, and you love watching videos. It helps to keep your brain active and to be able to keep an eye on what’s going on in the world. You may also find it fun to play video games, and there are a few different types of video games out there that you might enjoy. There’s multiplayer video games, which can be great for those of you who like to play with others, and then there are single player games, which are a good choice if you’re looking to relax. The great thing about both kinds of games is that they’re both very entertaining.

Erwin Jingga Youtubers Pubg Terkenal

Erwin Jingga, Youtuber PUBG Indonesia, is a jack of all trades. This enigmatic figure is a Pharmacist graduate student who left his job to pursue gaming. He has 3.2 million subscribers to his YouTube channel EJ Gaming, which is known for showing off a good time in PUBG Mobile.

Erwin Jingga was born on 5-12-1993. He has two siblings. As a Pharmacist, he was contracted for a year. However, he decided to take up a hobby and a year later, he moved on to PUBG Mobile. Then, he started his own YouTube channel, EJGaming, where he gave tips and reviews on new games.

Erwin Jingga is one of the best youtuber PUBG Indonesia has to offer, and his videos are well worth a watch. He is also a role model for other players in Indonesia. In this video, he explains the possibilities of PUBG Mobile.

Jess No Limit Youtubers Pubg Terkenal

Jess No Limit is the first YouTuber from Indonesia and Asia to reach a million subscribers. He started out with a small number of subscribers and grew over time. In the past few years, he has managed to amass a massive subscriber base of over fifteen million.

While he isn’t exactly a celebrity, he has been able to earn a respectable amount of money thanks to his involvement with esports. As of April 2022, his net worth is estimated to be around three million dollars.

During his career, Jess No Limit was a professional mobile legends player, but he decided to give up playing to focus on his YouTube channel. Today, his channel is one of the most popular YouTube channels in Indonesia.

He has also been known for being a helpful eSports player in his native country, and has even given some of his talents to disadvantaged children in Indonesia.

Zuxxy Gaming Youtubers Pubg Terkenal

Zuxxy is an Indonesian gamer, who competes in PUBG Mobile. Zuxxy has made a name for himself in the esports community for his excellent performance in tournaments. He has won multiple awards. In the Indonesia Gaming Awards 2020, he was awarded with the Favourite Esports Player of the Year award.

The player started his career in 2018. After that, he sat down in an internet cafe, where he found an interest in shooter games. With the passage of time, he started to play the game and eventually earned a place in the gaming community.

Zuxxy is a member of Bigetron Red Aliens (BTR RA). BTR RA was previously known as Bigetron Esports Mobile, but changed its name in early 2019. They have achieved several awards.

Zuxxy Gaming has a large subscriber base. The channel has reached over 2 million subscribers.

Zuxxy has won the title of Esports Player of the Year for the first time. He is also the Global Finals MVP for PMCO.


Youtubers Pubg Terkenal Milyhya is a YouTuber with many subscribers. He’s a PUBG gamer and content creator, and has been very popular in Indonesia. However, he has never revealed his face. His videos are very funny. And he’s also discreet in cyberspace.

He is reluctant to show his face because he has a faceless alias. However, he’s known for making funny PUBG videos.

Some of his videos are about PUBG Mobile and Rules of Survival. Another channel he has is PokoPow, which focuses on video-video games.

He’s a pro player in PUBG, and has been coaching Genesis Dogma PUBG Mobile team. He’s also an eSports player.

Another PUBG gamer with many subscribers is EJ Gaming. This guy is also a time sports EVOS. Besides PUBG, he has also been playing Mobile Legends and Rules of Survival. But his main game is PUBG on PC.

He is a very good video maker. As a result, he’s been rated highly by Loopers.


Youtubers Pubg Terkenal The best YouTube gamer in my books is Muselk, a video game YouTuber with a little over 2 million subscribers. While he is not the biggest name in the biz, his pranks and funny gifs are well worth the watch. If you are a fan of Fortnite, check out his YouTube channel.

The other contenders in this list are MiawAug, Frost Diamong, and Jacksepticeye. While most of these guys have their own websites, they all make YouTube videos and live stream their games. They are also all in the same business as gamers and are just a bit more serious about the whole thing.

Interestingly, it’s a surprisingly small list. Although I haven’t had the chance to go over all of them in detail, the aforementioned ones are clearly the best in their categories. So, who’s in charge of the top YouTube gamer titles? Hopefully you will find some new gaming buddies!

Reza Arap

Youtubers Pubg Terkenal If you are a fan of gaming and streaming videos, then you might have heard of Reza Arap. He is a famous YouTuber and streamer who has been in the business for a few years. His channel has gained more than 2 million subscribers and he has also appeared on the small screen. Let’s take a closer look at this YouTuber.

In 2016, the YouTuber made his big screen debut in a romantic comedy titled Mode. Then he got married to Wendy Walters in 2018. But what about the man behind the mask?

A Rap is not the only one on the YouTube scene. In fact, MiawAug alias Reggy Prabowo Wongkar is also a YouTuber aficionado. However, his channel doesn’t offer much compared to that of his fellow Indonesian streamer.

There are plenty of other youtubers who have risen to fame in the last few years, but they are not as interesting as Reza. Besides, he has a few more interesting facts to share.

MiawAug gaming

If you’re into YouTube gaming, you’ve most likely heard of MiawAug. His channel has amassed more than 5 billion views and over 15 million subscribers. He is known for his let’s plays of horror and indie games. Despite gaining a large following on his channel, he still works a day job. In fact, he reportedly makes about $3 to $4 million annually.

Before launching his YouTube channel, Reggie was a company manager. He eventually took a break to focus on his YouTube career. While at first his YouTube earnings were modest, they quickly grew. By the end of the first year of his gaming career, he had gained more than a million subscribers.

In addition to the many gaming videos he produces, Reggie has also become a renowned photographer. He’s uploaded over 300 Let’s Plays of popular titles. As a result, he’s made quite a name for himself in the Indonesian gaming community.

ION Esports

ION Esports is one of the teams that will compete in PUBG Mobile Indonesia National Championship (PMNC) in 2020. They have been picked up by Morph GGG and will be an official member of the PUBG Indonesia team.

EVOS Reborn is the other team that will be participating in PMPL Indonesia 2022. Its roster is composed of veteran PUBG Mobile esports professionals. The team has already unveiled its line-up in social media handles. Among its roster members are RedFace, Auro, and Lyzerg.

EVOS started off its journey with the intention of taking the trophy home. But despite the emergence of two early exits, the team kept their focus and continued to stand on top after the second day. Eventually, they got the top spot and were crowned champions.

ION Esports took a second place after a close finish. While RRQ finished in third. The finals of the tournament will be broadcasted on the YouTube channel of the official PUBG Mobile Indonesia team.

Updated: Februari 9, 2023 — 12:23 pm